As long as their is good content to watch on television,

it will continue to be an effective way of reaching your

 target audience.  To have a successful TV advertising

campaign, an awesome commercial is a must,

but the media strategy is equally as important.

 This is what we do:


We will create a TV commercial especially tailored to reach your target consumer. Our creative team will work together with our video production team to bring the creative concept into fruition. All work is performed in-house using our state-of-the-art video production equipment.


We will create a media strategy that is aligned with your target audience and fits within your budget. Using data and analytics we will identify the best network and media platform to place your ad. As a media agency, we will also negotiate favorable rates to further maximize your return on investment.


Having operators and sales representatives standing by at all times is vital to any TV advertising campaign focused on direct response. Our call center services include: inbound/outbound calling, order taking, training, and sales acquisition.


With multiple media platforms and networks airing programs on-line, digital television ads have become an effective form of advertising. We will create a digital marketing strategy that can produce immediate results.




The first official paid TV advertisement took place on July 1, 1941 during a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies for Bulova watches. For about six decades, television dominated as perhaps the most powerful advertising media capturing consumers attention in a way that radio and print could never do. But how relevant is television in this digital age? The better question is where is television going in this digital age? The General rule of thumb with any media vehicle is that “content is king”. As long as there is good content to watch on television, it should not be ignored. Yes, there are more people spending time on their smartphones than in front of a television. We all record (DVR) our favorite shows, watch it when we want and skip all the commercials. Yet there are still advertisers spending money and getting a return on their investment. Who are these people that still channel surf, watch their favorite shows live, and actually stick around for the commercials? These people exist, and with an effective TV commercial on the right network, during the right time period, with the right amount of frequency, results can be generated.

This is where Pithy Marketing comes in. We will develop a TV Advertising strategy to reach your target consumer.


Phase 1: Environment Analysis

  • We will identify your target market and break it down by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation.
  • We will analyze your business, product, and competitors in order to identify key differentiators and strategic opportunities.

Phase 2: TV Commercial Production

  • We will determine the best advertising appeal for your business, product, or service such as:
    • Direct Benefits (focused on product characteristics),
    • Feelings Based (focused on creating emotions using humor or sentiment),
    • Brand Personality (personifying your brand using a person or mascot),
    • Social Norms (positions your brand as an essential social norm)
    • Call to Action (seeks immediate response using triggers)
  • We will brainstorm to find a powerful and effective creative concept.
  • Our creative team will design a TV Commercial storyboard for visual representation.
  • The TV Commercial will then be produced and edited.

Phase 3: Media Buying

  • Our Media Strategists will begin identifying the best network, media platform, time frame, and frequency to reach your target audience.
  • Our Media Buyers will negotiate favorable terms, rates, and commitments for the TV Advertising campaign.

Phase 4: Measure Results

  • Results for each advertising campaign will be carefully measured to calculate response, conversion, and brand awareness.

Satellite – Direct TV / Dish Network

  • Satellite TV Platforms reach over 34 Million households and 85 million potential viewers in markets all across the U.S.. This is the fastest growing platform over the past 5 years.
  • With over 100 National networks with available airtime on both large and small networks as well as local and national markets, Pithy Marketing can help you reach your target consumer no matter where they are sitting or what they are watching.
  • Satellite offers options to reach your consumers on a national level (all subscribers within the U.S.) or certain markets (DMAs – Designated Market Areas).

Cable TV

  • There are over 80 Cable Providers spread across the country, including Comcast, Time Warner, Cos, AT&T, FIOS, Via Media, Cablevision, and more…
  • Pithy Marketing works with the largest cable providers and both Local and  National Cable Interconnects, which enables a reach of up to 53 million households and 132 million viewers through multiple cable providers interconnecting TV Commercials through each other’s signals.
  • What this means is that we can help you reach your consumer any time, anywhere, regardless of their cable company.

Cost Per Inquiry (CPI)

  • CPI is a way to generate leads, incoming calls, and sales in a low risk cost effective manner. If your business qualifies, your advertising expense will be calculated based on a fee for each lead, call, or sale that is generated through your phone number or website.

National Cable Networks (Network Direct)

  • With Network Direct TV Advertising, we can create a campaign directly with the television networks.
  • This means that your TV Commercial would air on every cable and satellite network, reaching over 260 million potential viewers.
  • Results for each advertising campaign will be carefully measured to calculate response, conversion, and brand awareness.